Friday, December 11, 2015

White Haven's Audubon Program

Started in 1991, the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary System is a not-for-profit environmental organization specializing in sustainable resource management.  The Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program works with landowners to find creative solutions benefiting both the environment and the landowner.  In 1993, White Haven became the first cemetery to join the program and become fully certified in all five categories including Environmental Planning, Wildlife and Habitat Management, Resource Conservation, Waste Management, and Outreach & Education.

This organization has helped White Haven manage its property with wildlife and the environment in mind.  To help our wildlife, we keep two ponds open throughout the winter – one behind Creation Chapel and the other at the beginning of our Nature Trail.  The moving water in these ponds provides an open source of water for wildlife in the winter, when most other sources of water are frozen.  Attracting and caring for wildlife is one of the many ways we try to make White Haven a beautiful place to remember.

We have also found creative ways to offer new burial options without destroying the great variety of plant materials and wildlife habitats we have on our property.  For example, instead of cutting down trees to make more lawn burial areas, we created our unique Nature Trail within a natural, hardwood forest.  We also found a way to use an existing wildflower meadow for green burials.  By preserving both the forest and the meadow, we not only created unique, new burial options for our community, we protected those two wildlife habitats and all of the deer, fox, coyotes and hundreds of birds, insects, reptiles and smaller mammals that call those places home.

With the help of the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program, the projects White Haven has undertaken have benefited the environment, increased wildlife, saved money and delighted our visitors.  To learn more about the nature, wildlife and unique burial options at White Haven Memorial Park, please browse our website at

Thursday, November 19, 2015

White Haven Memorial Park and The Holidays

The holidays are a special time.  Between festive parties, decadent meals and time with the family, we also need to make time to remember those who are no longer here.  We hope that you will take the time to cherish both your friends and family that are with you now and also those who have passed on.

The loss of a loved one is one of the single most traumatic experiences of a lifetime.  The holidays can be an extremely difficult time for those who are grieving a death.  At White Haven, we offer free literature as well as a variety of programs and services throughout the year to help you cope with your loss and remember your loved one.  For more information, please contact Donna Miller at 585-586-8232.

We want our cemetery at White Haven to provide a symbolic bridge to maintain the connection between the living and the dead.  Years of observance has shown that cemeteries facilitate healing and recovery in several ways including memorialization, visitation, participation and information.  Visiting the dead long after death can keep the relationship alive and fill the void created by the loss.

In many cases, death ends suffering for one but is just the beginning of suffering for those left behind.  The facility at White Haven Memorial Park has everything you need and so much more to remember your loved one fondly.  You can attend our Holiday Remembrance Service on December 5, order a holiday wreath for your loved one's grave or holiday arrangement for your loved one's crypt or niche, or simply take the time to visit your loved one and then go for a leisurely stroll along our Nature Trail. Whatever means you choose, we hope that your White Haven connection will help to ease your loss in some small way.

For further information on any of these healing opportunities, please visit our website at or call us at (585)-586-5250.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Fall Season in White Haven Memorial Park

The fall season brings the arrival of cooler temperatures, brightly colored foliage and falling leaves.  At White Haven Memorial Park, we offer a great outdoor area to enjoy autumn colors, a large selection of trees and an assortment of plants.  For anyone planning a family trip to the Powers Market before Halloween, we are right across the street!  Why not drive through White Haven while in the neighborhood.  Our grounds have plenty to offer as the perfect place to enjoy an afternoon in the park!

Green Burials
White Haven offers eco-friendly burial options designed to be kept free of herbicides and pesticides.  This is a lovely wildflower meadow that is home to a variety of wildlife including birds, deer, foxes, and turkeys wandering by.  During the fall season, enjoy frolicking in the changing weather and foliage.

Nature Trail
White Haven’s Nature Trail is a stunning forest with plenty of wildlife and added waterfalls.  Join us this autumn and listen to the soothing sounds of babbling brooks, serene ponds and peaceful pine trees.  This picturesque setting is a calm and peaceful place to celebrate the beauty of life.  This season, you can enjoy our unconventional nature trail as the leaves start to change.  It is truly a beautiful sight you do not want to miss.

Morton Register
White Haven Memorial Park’s nature trail has over 100 species of trees and is certified as a level 1 Arboretum by the Morton Register.  This is a great honor as the Morton Register of Arboreta is a comprehensive list and database of public gardens that has a substantial focus on woody plants.  The purpose of the Morton Register is to identify all of the organizations in the world that collect and display trees, shrubs and other woody plants for the benefit of the public, science and conservation.  The Morton Register is a constantly growing database and we are happy to be part of a group that has an impact on our community.

White Haven is not just your ordinary cemetery.  In addition to beautiful scenery and wildlife, we also offer burial options in our natural settings.  From full casket to cremation burials, contact White Haven Memorial Park for more information!  Browse our website at or call 585-586-5250.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

White Haven's Nature Trail

Located in Pittsford, New York, White Haven Memorial Park has a variety of lovely settings and a range of options for your burial requests. When you are looking at future options for you or a loved one, consider a natural cremation burial located in the scenic area. White Haven's Nature Trail offers a unique burial option located around a serene pond, under mature pine trees or along a babbling brook. With many cremation burial sites along our beautiful forest paths, White Haven Memorial Park might be the best possible choice for you to commemorate a life lived. 

Called "The Forest", part of the Nature Trail is a stunning forest with plenty of wildlife and added waterfalls. Listen to the soothing sounds of water and enjoy the hums of birds, deer, fox and turkeys wandering by. This picturesque setting is a calm and peaceful place to celebrate the beauty of life

Along White Haven's Nature Trail, there are rocks scattered around with bronze plaques. The rocks represent specific spots where someone was buried and the plaques tell a little about them including their names, the dates they lived, and a special phrase or nickname. Because of the limited space amongst the trees in these natural surroundings, only cremations can be accepted in the forest. Burial may be made directly in the earth or in your choice of urn, including biodegradable urn. Memorialization in our nature trail offers a natural rock and a bronze plaque for 1 person or a double space for 2 people. You can even choose a space together for a whole family. 

People often think of cemeteries as gloomy, spooking and scary. When it comes to White Haven, our property is just the opposite. Our nature trail is filled with life and all kinds of reminders that life does go on. If you are interested in an excellent alternative to scattering by providing a special place for loved ones to visit and remember a life well lived, choose a permanent place in our natural setting. 

White Haven Memorial Park is not just your average cemetery. To learn more about our extensive range of services including both full casket and cremation burials, contact White Haven Memorial Park at 585-586-5250.  

Friday, August 28, 2015

White Haven Recreation Trails and Pet Memorial

Are you looking for a scenic hiking trail in the Rochester, New York area? If you need a new place to walk your dog, come and explore White Haven's Recreation Trails located on Marsh Road. With over 80 acres of natural hardwood forest and meadow yet to be developed, White Haven has a spectacular landscape for hiking.

Located on the back of our Memorial Park, White Haven's recreational trails are the perfect place to enjoy a variety of nature and wildlife. We are committed to managing our natural resources, environment and wildlife with respect. Started in 2004, we have opened a few hiking trails for public recreation in a part of our beautiful forest that will not be needed for cemetery purposes for many years. Enjoy quiet, scenic views with roaming deer and wild turkeys that frequently cross the trails.

While no bicycles or motorized vehicles are permitted, pedestrians and dogs that remain under control are welcome during all daylight hours. Feel free to walk or run through our cemetery but we ask that everyone please observe our rules and respect the privacy of anyone visiting a grave.

At White Haven Memorial Park, we know that pets are often as well loved and deeply missed as other members of our families. Although New York State law does not allow us to bury pets, we do have several ways to help you remember your furry friends. Along the hiking trails, we have a pet memorial for your animal. Individual rocks may be engraved for a tax-deductible donation of just $75. September 11th is Pet Memorial Day- celebrate the life of your animal with the name, breed and dates of your beloved pet on a custom stone.

White Haven Memorial Park is more than just an average cemetery. We have everything you need and so much more! For more information on our pet memorial services and recreational trails, visit our website at or call 585-586-5250.