Monday, October 24, 2016

Saying Goodbye To Your Pet

Thanks to their amazing ability to give us totally unconditional love, many of us develop very special relationships with our pets. It is no surprise, then, that after losing a pet we sometimes face the same symptoms of grief we face in the loss of a human family member. The decision on what to do with the remains of a pet can help with this grieving process, just as it does with our human losses. Thanks to some recent legislation in New York State, there will soon be some new options to help you say goodbye to your beloved pet.

A new law just signed by Gov. Cuomo will give White Haven Memorial Park  permission to bury the cremated remains of pets with their human family members.  It will take a few months to work out all of the details and have our products and procedures approved by our regulators, but you can now rest assured that White Haven Memorial Park will soon be able to bury your pets’ cremated remains with you in a variety of burial options, both in ground and above ground.  If you would like to be notified as soon as these options become available, please call our office at 585-586-5250 and ask to have your name place on our Pet Burial List.

Saying Goodbye to your PetIn addition to our pet-friendly burial cremation options, White Haven also participates in a number of other pet inspired activities. Take a look:

Blessing of the Pets
On October 2nd, White Haven hosted our second annual Blessing of the Pets ceremony outside of the All Seasons Chapel. Reverend Nanci DeLeo provided individual blessings for a variety of pets including dogs, cats, hamsters, birds and fish. Guests and their pets were welcome to explore our hiking trails before and after the blessing. Please plan now to join us next year!

Pet Memorial Area
White Haven Memorial Park has a pet memorial area with a bridge crossing a “stream” of rocks. Individual rocks may be engraved with your pet’s name for a tax deductible donation to our Memorial Gift Fund. Additionally, our pet-friendly hiking trails are the perfect fall spot for people to take a walk with their four-legged friends and enjoy the changing leaves.
Pet Memorial

Serving the Rochester, New York area since 1929, White Haven Memorial Park offers a wide selection of burial options. We are delighted to now include the burial of cremated pets among those options. There is no better way to celebrate the life of your pets than with a permanent memorial in our Park, with its beautiful and Audubon certified forest and grounds. Visit our website or call 585-586-5250 for more information.