Monday, November 14, 2016

Healing and The Holidays at White Haven Memorial Park

Many of our best memories in life are spending time with family and friends during the holidays.  While we look forward to another holiday season full of joy and celebration, we also miss loved ones we have lost and want to take time to remember them.
We understand that this time of year can be especially hard if you have experienced a loss, and we want to support you in your healing and the honoring of your friend or family member.    Our staff at White Haven Memorial Park is here to offer our comfort and invite you to share your memories with us.  Connecting with others through stories about your loved one is an instrumental component to the healing process.
Healing and the Holidays
White Haven Memorial Park also provides you with free printed resources to address your specific needs while grieving.  Every individual’s grieving process is different, so it is vital to equip yourself with the resources most suited to your situation.  We welcome you to come by and select some reading material that will be most beneficial to your healing.  
The holiday season is a good time to establish new traditions to honor your loved one.  We suggest visiting the cemetery and burial site to spend some time in reflection and remembrance.  It is helpful to demonstrate that your loved one has not been forgotten, and many people find the cemetery offers a quiet sense of peace while mourning that is difficult to obtain elsewhere.  
Honoring the life of the deceased through loving thoughts and actions helps you along your journey after loss because it affirms the relationship you cherished.  Some special ways you can honor your loved one during the holidays at White Haven Memorial Park include; placing a wreath on the grave, dedicating holiday flower arrangements in the mausoleum, or ordering a holiday arrangement for the vase on the niche or crypt.  Please feel free to contact us for assistance or other suggestions at (585)-586-5250.  
We also encourage you to find healing in your celebration of the unique life of your loved one and the incredible memories you made together.  You are invited to our Holiday Remembrance Service on Saturday, December 3rd at 4:00 p.m. in the All Seasons Chapel, featuring music, poetry and names and photos of the loved ones that have been given to us in advance.
For further information on any of these healing opportunities, please visit our website at or call us at (585)-586-5250.