Friday, August 28, 2015

White Haven Recreation Trails and Pet Memorial

Are you looking for a scenic hiking trail in the Rochester, New York area? If you need a new place to walk your dog, come and explore White Haven's Recreation Trails located on Marsh Road. With over 80 acres of natural hardwood forest and meadow yet to be developed, White Haven has a spectacular landscape for hiking.

Located on the back of our Memorial Park, White Haven's recreational trails are the perfect place to enjoy a variety of nature and wildlife. We are committed to managing our natural resources, environment and wildlife with respect. Started in 2004, we have opened a few hiking trails for public recreation in a part of our beautiful forest that will not be needed for cemetery purposes for many years. Enjoy quiet, scenic views with roaming deer and wild turkeys that frequently cross the trails.

While no bicycles or motorized vehicles are permitted, pedestrians and dogs that remain under control are welcome during all daylight hours. Feel free to walk or run through our cemetery but we ask that everyone please observe our rules and respect the privacy of anyone visiting a grave.

At White Haven Memorial Park, we know that pets are often as well loved and deeply missed as other members of our families. Although New York State law does not allow us to bury pets, we do have several ways to help you remember your furry friends. Along the hiking trails, we have a pet memorial for your animal. Individual rocks may be engraved for a tax-deductible donation of just $75. September 11th is Pet Memorial Day- celebrate the life of your animal with the name, breed and dates of your beloved pet on a custom stone.

White Haven Memorial Park is more than just an average cemetery. We have everything you need and so much more! For more information on our pet memorial services and recreational trails, visit our website at or call 585-586-5250.