Wednesday, September 13, 2017

You Can Now Bury Your Beloved Pet With You

New York State recently passed a new law stating that cremated remains of pets can be buried with their owners as long as there is proof that the new pet was cremated at a recognized pet crematory. We are happy to accommodate this new law and have added this option to our burial plans.

Already have a plot? Our supervisors need to verify that there is enough room for your pet in the grave.
Planning on buying a plot with your pet? We can assist you on finding the right grave, crypt, or niche that will hold you and your pet or pets. There is no additional charge if your pet can be buried at the same time.

We also have a variety of pet urns available or you can add his or her name and likeness to the memorial plaque for a grave or the lettering for a crypt or niche. We also will conduct pet memorial services at the Gazebo or one of our chapels.

The other way that we recognize your beloved pet is with our pet memorial area full of trees and wildlife. It features a bridge crossing a "stream" of rocks where you can have your pet's name engraved on a rock for a donation of $100 or more to our Memorial Gift Fund.

On Sunday September 24th from 1 - 2 pm we will be having a Blessing of the Pets.
  • Each family will receive one free St. Francis Medallion with a prayer card.
  • You are welcome to walk your pets around the park or explore our pet friendly hiking trails.
  • Virtually all pets (cats, hamsters, turtles, etc.) are welcome as long as they are under your complete control at all times.

White Haven not only serves people - we are proud to accommodate your pets and we believe that every life should be remembered. Our entire staff works hard and is able to answer your questions about the many options you and your pets have. Call us at (585)-586-5250 or, if you would like to meet in person, our address is 210 Marsh Road Pittsford, NY 14534.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

A Fireplace at a Cemetery???

Yes!  At White Haven Memorial Park in Pittsford, NY we pride ourselves on doing things a little differently.  As we like to say, “We are not your average cemetery”.
So, when it came time to design our most recent mausoleum for above ground burial, we wanted to add that special touch that would make it unique.   We chose a cozy, welcoming fire pit as the central feature for our new building, called Lasting Light South.
Using materials that match the exterior of the building, our Park Superintendent Chuck Reagan created a five foot square structure to hold two electric fireplace inserts.  When turned on, they provide the look of burning logs and glowing embers.  They also produce a good bit of heat to take the chill off the air on a cold winter’s day.   Even in the heat of summer, the cozy fire pit surrounded by comfortable, cushioned chairs welcomes visitors and invites them to spend some time reflecting and remembering their loved ones.
Whether you choose above ground burial in a mausoleum, ground burial in a lawn area or our forested Nature Trail, we want visitors to come here and enjoy the benefits that only a permanent place of burial can provide:  a sense of peace that the loved one still has a place in this world.  Even if you choose not to visit, you can take comfort from the simple knowledge that their place exists and will be there for future generations as well.
So, before you scatter someone’s cremated remains or, worse yet, leave them on a shelf for someone else to deal with, please consider the benefits of a permanent burial site.   Then, come to White Haven Memorial Park.  Instead of rows of tombstones, you’ll see wide open spaces, meadows with wildflowers, trails through a forest with waterfalls and even a cozy fire pit surrounded by cushioned chairs.  Pick the spot that most appeals to you and provide a permanent place to remember those you love.     
Fireplace at a Cemetery 

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Butterfly Releases

If you or a loved one has recently lost someone, White Haven Memorial Park is here for you and your family. We will accommodate your needs so you can pay a proper tribute to your loved one during this stressful and emotional time. We offer a variety of beautiful services and tributes here at White Haven Memorial Park. One of the most touching services we offer is our Butterfly Release.

Butterfly Releases

Butterfly Releases“The transformation from caterpillar to butterfly is a beautiful, mysterious and natural process. The transition of a loved one from life to death is no less mysterious and natural, and the emergence of a butterfly is a fitting symbol of that transition,” said  Andrea Vittum, president of White Haven Memorial Park in Pittsford. The butterfly release is used to symbolize the journey of a loved one’s soul. The symbolism of seeing a caterpillar take on a new life as a butterfly helps us see death as a new beginning, rather than an end.  At  White Haven, the entire Park is designed to help visitors focus on nature and the endless cycles of life.  We maintain several different types of habitat for our wildlife and have many lovely settings that are perfect for a release of a dozen or more butterflies during any of the warmer months. For more information about the butterfly releases, click here.

White Haven Memorial Park also offers a wide variety of burial options that provide comfort for the visitor and take advantage of our natural settings and views.  Whether the body has been cremated or placed in a casket or shroud, we have options ranging from green burial in a natural meadow, to niches or crypts in our stately mausoleums, to cremation burials along our nature trail.  We even have burial spots overlooking Canandaigua lake. For more information about our burial options or butterfly releases visit our website at or give us a call at 585-586-5250.

Friday, June 2, 2017

The White Haven Memorial Park Nature Trails

Looking for a peaceful final resting spot for yourself or your loved one? Many people search for alternatives to a cemetery. Often times, cemeteries can be exposed to busy roads and harsh traffic noises and seem cold and gloomy from crowding and towering monuments. White Haven Memorial Park offers a natural alternative to lay loved ones to rest in peace and quiet..

Nature Trails for Cremation Burial
Nature TrailsWhite Haven Memorial Park and Canandaigua Lakeview Cemetery nature trails wind through natural forests that will offer a peaceful setting for you, for your loved ones and for all who visit them. The beautiful sounds of nature will soothe you, as the birds chirp and the streams bubble. Mature pine trees, a blissful pond, are all sites to see along our beautiful forest paths. The forest is filled with wildlife and added waterfalls, to create a sense of serenity, putting your mind at ease. Birds, deer, foxes, and turkeys wander the woods, giving the trails life.

The rocks along the trail represent spots where someone was buried. We can offer a bronze plaque to include information about your loved one, like special phrases or nicknames. Due to the limited space amongst the trees in these natural surroundings, only burials of cremated remains can be accepted in the forest. Burials may be made directly in the earth or in your choice of urn, including biodegradable urns. The bronze plaques on individual rocks include information for one or two people. Or, you can choose a larger space with a rock that can hold several plaques to remember several members of a family. Coming back to visit your loved one can be a peaceful and comforting experience, surrounded by the tranquility of nature.

White Haven Memorial Park and Canandaigua Lakeview Cemetery are not your average cemeteries. We offer a unique and peaceful atmosphere, putting your mind at ease through these tough times. Our nature trails leave you with a message that celebrating and honoring a life is special, even after death. To learn more about our variety of services including both full casket and cremation burials, contact White Haven Memorial Park at 585-586-5250.  

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Virtually Visit Your Loved One with our Casket Flag Program

Those who served or are currently serving in the armed forces deserve the utmost in respect and gratitude. Many in the armed forces serve their country and return home, while others, lose their lives in the line of duty. Every loss is a wound time can only partially heal. Following their passing, it is our job to ensure they are remembered, and honored.

When an active duty member of the military services or a veteran passes away, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) provides a flag to drape the casket or to accompany the urn of the deceased Veteran. The flag is provided to honor the memory of the Veteran’s service to his or her country, and to provide a lasting memorial for those left behind. After the memorial service, the flag is folded 13 times into a triangle of very specific measurements, as provided by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. It is said that the flag is folded thirteen times to remember the original thirteen colonies. The triangular shape of the folded flag is representative of the tri-corner hat commonly worn during the Revolutionary War, and the stars are at the top to remind us of the United States’ motto “In God We Trust”. You will often see these flags displayed in a triangular wood and glass case, frequently with a custom-engraved name plate and space for medals and insignia.

After the service, the memorial flag is typically presented to the spouse or next of kin of the deceased veteran. If there is no next of kin, a friend of the deceased vet can request the flag from the VA. Some cemeteries have an “Avenue of Flags” where the flags of the veterans are flown on patriotic holidays.

While many families prefer to display the flag in their home, White Haven Memorial Park in Pittsford, NY,  offers another option to honor those veterans throughout the year. Anyone who has a casket flag presented to the family at the time of burial may donate the flag to White Haven so that we may fly the flag in their honor for one or more months each year. During this month, the flag is shown on White Haven’s webcam so that anyone with a loved one buried here can virtually “visit” at any time to see the flag flying proudly. This “virtual” visit is a wonderful way for family and friends who don’t live close enough to visit to reconnect with their loved one on a regular basis, and to remember and honor their service to our country.

Serving the Rochester, NY area since 1929, our mission at White Haven Memorial Park is to provide unparallelled service, beautifully kept grounds, and a wide selection of burial options to every family that reaches out to us. If you would like more information, please call us at 585-586-5250, or visit us online

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Spring News at White Haven: Bluebirds and Easter Sunrise Service

Spring is an exciting time at White Haven, with birds nesting and new life appearing all over the grounds, as well as our annual Easter Sunrise Service. One of our favorite aspects of spring is watching bluebirds return to our Bluebird Meadow and other parts of White Haven. Visitors are invited to visit and enjoy our nature trails, and perhaps catch a glimpse of these lovely birds, as well as attend our Easter Sunrise Service.

Bluebird Nesting SeasonEaster Sunrise Service

Our annual Easter Sunrise Service will be held at 7 AM on Sunday, April 16th, in our All Seasons Chapel. All are welcome to attend. This is a popular service, so we recommend arriving a bit early to find a good parking spot and allow time to find a seat in the chapel.

Bluebird Nesting Season

From April to June, visitors can see Eastern bluebirds, the state bird of New York, in Sections V, GB, and Bluebird Meadow (our green burial area). The bluebird is native to our area, but competition with invasive species has contributed to declining numbers of these distinctive birds. Human conservation efforts have successfully helped bluebirds nest and find habitat.

Proper nesting boxes that help to keep out sparrows and starlings are integral to bluebird conservation. White Haven has hosted over 100 bluebird fledglings thanks to donated nesting boxes from individuals, groups, and Harris Hill Elementary School. Our bluebird program has been one of our favorite conservation projects, helping lead us to become the first cemetery in the world to be certified as an Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary. 
Eastern Bluebird

Visit our Facebook page to see more photos of White Haven’s Bluebird Meadow!

White Haven Memorial Park invites visitors to walk, run, or hike along our nature and forest trails during daylight hours. Please be respectful of any services in progress or those visiting the resting place of their departed loved one. Dogs under control at all times are welcome to accompany you as you take in the beauty of the season and natural surroundings. For more information, please visit our website and see our trail map.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Honor Your Loved One by Using a Certified Funeral Celebrant

Planning a funeral is a difficult task for the family of a loved one that has passed away. It is a delicate balance of mourning a loss and celebrating a life. Choosing the right funeral celebrant is a critical part of this process.  If you are not an active member of a church or synagogue, it may be difficult to find a pastor or other clergy member.  Or, you may not be comfortable with a service that represents one faith, while family members come from very different faith backgrounds. When this happens, some people look to the services of a funeral celebrant. When determining if a Certified Funeral Celebrant is the right choice for you and your loved one’s memorial service, here are a few benefits to consider:

1. Personal Service – The main goal of a funeral celebrant is to create a unique and personalized service for your loved one. They will meet with family members to learn the character traits of the deceased and the stories that bring them to mind.  They can also be a valuable resource in choosing just the right readings, music, mementos and other personal touches to enhance the service. A celebrant is there to create a service as special as the person you are memorializing.

2. Support – The decisions that go along with funeral planning can be very overwhelming. And, because the emotion of losing a loved one adds an extra layer of complexity, a celebrant can provide much needed emotional support to family members. Their specialized training gives them the skills needed to help with both the organizational duties as well as serving as an officiant. Additionally, they are trained to provide much needed moral support to grieving family members.

3. Serves all individuals – Because a celebrant does not represent a particular faith background, their personal beliefs do not play a part in their work. Their goal is not to preach a certain religious doctrine, but to help families honor the deceased in a way that gives them peace and reflects the wishes of their loved one.
At White Haven Memorial Park, our on-staff Certified Funeral  Celebrants are here to help you plan a memorial service that encompasses all the uniquely wonderful things about your loved one. We are the only cemetery in the Rochester, New York area that has Certified Funeral Celebrants on staff. Contact us today at 585-586-5250 to learn more about this unique service.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

When is a church not a church?

With the rising popularity of cremation and the relative ease with which cremated remains can be stored almost anywhere, more and more churches are offering congregants the opportunity to be buried right where they worship.  Other organizations, such as colleges and sports teams have followed suit as well.
If you are not concerned with the permanence of the arrangement, this type of burial might be a fine way to show support for your church or your team.  If you’d like a burial place that will be there for future generations of your family, however, you might want to think again.
The surprising truth is that large numbers of churches are being abandoned across the country.  Some, like the church pictured from Buffalo, NY, are simply left to deteriorate.  Others, such as the one pictured below from Ocean County, NJ, are turned into a business, such as a liquor store, restaurant, hotel, concert hall or antique store.

In Monroe County alone, there are currently no less than 7 churches currently for sale.  Many others have already been sold.  For example, you can clearly recognize the former purpose of the building when you dine at Maria’s Mexican Restaurant at 75 West Main St. in Webster.
So, when considering a burial location for yourself and your family you may want to consider the likely longevity of the organization providing the burial site.  Even though churches in general have been around forever, there is no guarantee that any one church will last that long.  A regulated cemetery, however, is much more likely to be around for eternity.  In New York State, if the company managing a given cemetery should fail, the local city or town in which it is located is required by law to take it over and maintain it forever.
For more reasons to consider a permanent burial spot for cremated remains of your loved ones, and even your pets, please visit our website.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Is Above Ground Burial Right for You?

Is Above Ground Burial Right for You?

The beauty and solitude of winter is all around us here in Pittsford, NY. While winter is known for its tranquility, it can also bring harsh and inclement weather. In the wake of these conditions, you might find yourself trudging through snow, slush and ice to visit a loved one’s grave, or attend a memorial celebration service. 

At White Haven Memorial Park, we offer a variety of burial options for families to consider. From beautiful outdoor sites in a meadow or by a shady tree, to an indoor mausoleum or columbarium with options for caskets, urns or one casket plus one urn.  Here are some benefits to choosing an above ground burial location in one of our indoor settings.

  • Above Ground Burial
    Weather proof – Summer can bring hot and humid conditions and torrential rains. Winter’s cold, snow and ice can make it difficult to visit your loved one’s grave or attend a memorial service.
  • Timeless elegance – Our well-appointed mausoleum and columbarium buildings are constructed and maintained to stand the test of time.
  • Comfort – Visit your loved one’s grave site while sitting in a comfortable upholstered chair, next to a cozy fireplace in a climate controlled setting.
  • Cost-effective – Traditional in-ground burials require the purchase of a burial plot, a burial vault and a grave marker. An above ground burial has one package price that eliminates many of the extra expenses of a traditional burial.
  • Lock-in pricing – Prices for above ground burial can be locked in to current costs. If needed, budget plans with interest-free payments can be developed to spread costs over several years, making it more affordable.
  • Eco-friendly – Choosing burial in a mausoleum or columbarium conserves land.  
  • Special touches – Each of our buildings is decorated with floral displays. Remember your loved one on a special day such as a birthday or anniversary by dedicating the arrangement in their honor.  We also provide visitor’s registers in every building so you can write a note to your loved one when you come to visit.

At White Haven Memorial Park, our goal is to provide you with a variety of options so that you and your loved ones feel celebrated at the end of life. We are here to help you create a burial plan and memorial service that will honor your last wishes. If you have any questions about the wide variety of burial options available or would like to come visit our grounds, please contact us today.