Tuesday, August 1, 2017

A Fireplace at a Cemetery???

Yes!  At White Haven Memorial Park in Pittsford, NY we pride ourselves on doing things a little differently.  As we like to say, “We are not your average cemetery”.
So, when it came time to design our most recent mausoleum for above ground burial, we wanted to add that special touch that would make it unique.   We chose a cozy, welcoming fire pit as the central feature for our new building, called Lasting Light South.
Using materials that match the exterior of the building, our Park Superintendent Chuck Reagan created a five foot square structure to hold two electric fireplace inserts.  When turned on, they provide the look of burning logs and glowing embers.  They also produce a good bit of heat to take the chill off the air on a cold winter’s day.   Even in the heat of summer, the cozy fire pit surrounded by comfortable, cushioned chairs welcomes visitors and invites them to spend some time reflecting and remembering their loved ones.
Whether you choose above ground burial in a mausoleum, ground burial in a lawn area or our forested Nature Trail, we want visitors to come here and enjoy the benefits that only a permanent place of burial can provide:  a sense of peace that the loved one still has a place in this world.  Even if you choose not to visit, you can take comfort from the simple knowledge that their place exists and will be there for future generations as well.
So, before you scatter someone’s cremated remains or, worse yet, leave them on a shelf for someone else to deal with, please consider the benefits of a permanent burial site.   Then, come to White Haven Memorial Park.  Instead of rows of tombstones, you’ll see wide open spaces, meadows with wildflowers, trails through a forest with waterfalls and even a cozy fire pit surrounded by cushioned chairs.  Pick the spot that most appeals to you and provide a permanent place to remember those you love.     
Fireplace at a Cemetery 


  1. Wow it's amazing, fireplace at cemetery? I'm curious about this one. The cemetery of our 1st pet it's a simple and there's no special lights like this, then in our next pet we tried the pet cremation houston since we moved here in Houston. By the way, thank you for sharing.